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Dear Visitor,

When most of us were young, we dreamed of what we wanted to grow up to be, some wanted to be a fireman, others wanted to be a doctor, an astronaut or even the President. When I was young... I too dreamed big... I dreamed of a career in technology and computers and didnt think much of the debt that would be likely to result of higher education... and, after four-and-a-half years of undergraduate education at Dakota State University, I ended up with quite a pile of debt, nearly fifty-five thousand dollars worth of it in fact, as well as a full time job at the company I interned where I have now been for three and a half years as a software engineer.

Now, three years since graduation I realize the error of my ways when I was young and I should have tried to do more ahead of time in order to pay for it with scholarships, grants, and savings from a young age.

But that is all in the past now, and currently, I continue to pay down this debt that was as high as $54,820.38 just six months after graduation when payments first became due, and at my current rate of payments of $341 a month (moving to $392 a month in June) I will be rid of this debt in approximately 16 years.

With your help, I would like to reduce that time.

I am asking for your help and generosity to pay off these loans in a shorter time than I would be capable of alone. Together, we can see the day when these loans no longer exist and I am able to use the money that I used to pay for them with towards other things like a house, a lawnmower, and a grill.

If you are willing to help, or at least curious as to how you might be able to, please stop by my How to Help page which contains numerous different ways that these loans can be eliminated before I am old and gray.

Thanks for stopping by and hearing me out,
Brendan Grant



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